Single-Photon Interference due to Motion in an Atomic Collective Excitation.

  title={Single-Photon Interference due to Motion in an Atomic Collective Excitation.},
  author={Daniel J. Whiting and Nikola {\vS}ibali{\'c} and James Michael Keaveney and Charles S. Adams and Ifan G. Hughes},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={118 25},
We experimentally demonstrate the heralded generation of bichromatic single photons from an atomic collective spin excitation (CSE). The photon arrival times display collective quantum beats, a novel interference effect resulting from the relative motion of atoms in the CSE. A combination of velocity-selective excitation with strong laser dressing and the addition of a magnetic field allows for exquisite control of this collective beat phenomenon. The present experiment uses a diamond scheme… 

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