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Single Phase Bidirectional PWM Converter for Microgrid System

  title={Single Phase Bidirectional PWM Converter for Microgrid System},
  author={C. Kalavalli and K. Parkavikathirvelu and R. Balasubramanian},
Abstract—Smart grid is a newly flourishing research area because of its viable applications and expected to address the drawback of existing grid. [...] Key Method This converter helps to connect renewable energy sources to loads as well as excess power are given to power grid. Double Loop PID control technique is used for controlling the converter for both modes. The designed Converter is simulated in MATLAB/Simulink software and results are verified using the Hardware. Keyword —Renewable energy resources…Expand
A Novel Grid Support Topology using Nine Switch Converter for Offshore Connected Wind Farms
The comparative analysis between the proposed Nine Switch Converter-based configuration and control strategy and conventional VSC-HVDC systems carried out in Matlab/ Simulink environment revealed the former’s enhanced transient performance.
Integration of Hybrid Energy sources for Grid Connected AC Distribution System
  • A. A. Amala Praveen, S. Murugesan
  • Computer Science
    2018 Fourth International Conference on Advances in Electrical, Electronics, Information, Communication and Bio-Informatics (AEEICB)
  • 2018
This project proposed a new current injection control technique using microcontroller to detect the islanding condition and provide the human safety and equipment protection and a protective scheme for islanding detection.
Photovoltaic is credible technology budding worldwide in the production of electricity for terrestrial applications. The major drawback of this technology is low efficiency produced by PV panels and
Solar PV Array Fed BLDC Motor Using Zeta Converter For Water Pumping Applications
This paper proposes a simple, cost effective and efficient brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive for solar photovoltaic (SPV) array fed water pumping system. A zeta converter is utilized in order to
Cascaded Two Level Inverter Based Multilevel Statcom for High Power Applications
A simple static var compensating scheme using a cascaded two-level inverter-based multilevel inverter and connected through the cascaded open-end windings of a three-phase transformer to investigate the behavior of the converter.
A Novel Methodology of Two Phase to Three Phase Supply in Induction Motor for Agriculture
This paper proposes a two phase to three phase conversion system for a three phase load applications. This is mainly used for the induction motor, while two phase supply is given. While running the
Designing a power inverter and comparing back-stepping, sliding-mode and fuzzy controllers for a single-phase inverter in an emergency power supply
In recent years, there has been a high demand for high-power inverters. Unlike a rectifier, an inverter with a high-power electronic oscillator is able to convert direct current (DC) into alternating
This paper presents a robust three phase multi-level inverter topology controlled by a programmed micro-controller switching circuit. The inverter consists of three H-type bridges, each bridge
Modeling Improved Fuzzy and Sliding-Mode for Single-Phase Inverter as Controllers in an EPS
A new fuzzy logic control (FLC) is suggested to an improved modeling inverter of a single-phase voltage source using LC filter and voltage sensor and proved the high efficiency and performance of the proposed method while reduce total harmonic distortion (THD) under linear loading conditions.
A Novel Topology using Cuk Converter in PV Microconverter with Transformerless Injection
The ́Cuk derived inverters, employing second-order input and output filters, offer the most efficient, lightweight, and economical solution in the class. This paper presents design and detailed


Modes of Operation and System-Level Control of Single-Phase Bidirectional PWM Converter for Microgrid Systems
A control system for single-phase bidirectional PWM converters for residential power level microgrid systems which is robust and can tolerate transitions between the different modes of operation is proposed by means of a common inner ac current-loop.
Future home uninterruptible renewable energy system with vehicle-to-grid technology
This paper presents the structure and capabilities of a small, grid-interactive distributed energy resource system comprised of a photovoltaic source, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, and various
Research on Control Method of Double-Mode Inverter with Grid-Connection and Stand-Alone
Inverter system, as the interface device between the renewable energy system and grid, plays an important role in the distributed generation system. A double-mode single-phase inverter system, which
Multiple feedback loop control strategy for single-phase voltage-source UPS inverter
This paper investigates the performance of multiple feedback loop control strategy for single-phase voltage-source UPS inverter with an L-C filter. In order to select appropriate feedback variables
Analysis and design of a multiple feedback loop control strategy for single-phase voltage-source UPS inverters
This paper presents the analysis and design of a multiple feedback loop control scheme for single-phase voltage-source uninterruptible power supply (UPS) inverters with an L-C filter. The control
Power Electronics: Converters, Applications and Design
Partial table of contents: Overview of Power Semiconductor Switches. Computer Simulation of Power Electronic Converters and Systems. GENERIC POWER ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS. dc--dc Switch-Mode Converters.
International Journal of Engineering and Technology (IJET)
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Control design and experimental of a multi-function single phase bidirectional PWM converter for renewable energy systems
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