Single-ISA heterogeneous multi-core architectures for multithreaded workload performance

  title={Single-ISA heterogeneous multi-core architectures for multithreaded workload performance},
  author={Rakesh Kumar and Dean M. Tullsen and Parthasarathy Ranganathan and Norman P. Jouppi and Keith I. Farkas},
  journal={Proceedings. 31st Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture, 2004.},
A single-ISA heterogeneous multi-core architecture is achip multiprocessor composed of cores of varying size, performance,and complexity. This paper demonstrates that thisarchitecture can provide significantly higher performance inthe same area than a conventional chip multiprocessor. It doesso by matching the various jobs of a diverse workload to thevarious cores. This type of architecture covers a spectrum ofworkloads particularly well, providing high single-thread performancewhen thread… CONTINUE READING
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