Single CDBA based bilinear current mode universal filter

  title={Single CDBA based bilinear current mode universal filter},
  author={Saleha Bano and Ghous Bakhsh Narejo and S. M. Usman Ali Shah},
  journal={2016 International Conference on Computing, Electronic and Electrical Engineering (ICE Cube)},
In this paper, a bilinear (first order) current mode universal filter is presented using a single current differencing buffered amplifier (CDBA). The main feature of this proposed circuit configuration is that it can provide all the filter responses i.e. low-pass, high-pass and all-pass responses. Noting the fact that first order filter realizes low-pass, high-pass and all-pass responses only. It uses single CDBA and minimum passive components that is one resistor and one grounded capacitor… CONTINUE READING


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