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Single-Atom Resolved Imaging and Manipulation in an Atomic Mott Insulator

  title={Single-Atom Resolved Imaging and Manipulation in an Atomic Mott Insulator},
  author={Christof Weitenberg},
This thesis reports on new experimental techniques for the study of strongly correlated states of ultracold atoms in optical lattices. We used a high numerical aperture imaging system to probe 87Rb atoms in a two-dimensional lattice with single-site resolution. Fluorescence imaging allows to detect single atoms with a large signal to noise ratio and to reconstruct the atom distribution on the lattice. We applied this new technique to a two-dimensional Mott insulator and directly observed… 
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This thesis reports the construction of a novel apparatus for experiments with ultracold atoms in optical lattices: the Fermi gas microscope. Improving upon similar designs for bosonic atoms, our
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A quantum-gas microscope for fermionic atoms trapped in an optical lattice is realized, which allows one to probe strongly correlated fermions at the single-atom level and enables the direct observation of magnetic order, time-resolved measurements of the spread of particle correlations, and the detection of many-fermion entanglement.
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This work reports on the implementation of feedback methods for position control of single Cesium atoms in spin-dependent optical lattices. For this purpose a new control software has been developed.
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Single-atom-resolved fluorescence imaging of an atomic Mott insulator
Fluorescence imaging of strongly interacting bosonic Mott insulators in an optical lattice with single-atom and single-site resolution is reported, which fully reconstructs the atom distribution on the lattice and identifies individual excitations with high fidelity.
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This work was able to flip the spin of individual atoms in a Mott insulator with sub-diffraction-limited resolution, well below the lattice spacing, and created arbitrary spin patterns by sequentially addressing selected lattice sites after freezing out the atom distribution.
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Our knowledge of ultracold quantum gases is strongly influenced by our ability to probe these objects. In situ imaging combined with single-atom sensitivity is an especially appealing scenario, as it
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We report on the local probing and preparation of an ultracold Fermi gas on the length scale of one micrometer, i.e. of the order of the Fermi wavelength. The essential tool of our experimental setup
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This work demonstrates single-site addressability in a two-dimensional optical lattice with 600 nm lattice spacing and finds that the patterns are remarkably stable against tunneling diffusion.
Probing the Superfluid–to–Mott Insulator Transition at the Single-Atom Level
Single atom–single lattice site imaging is used to investigate the Bose-Hubbard model on a microscopic level and enables space- and time-resolved characterization of the number statistics across the superfluid–Mott insulator quantum phase transition.
In situ observation of incompressible Mott-insulating domains in ultracold atomic gases
Spatially resolved, in-situ imaging of a two-dimensional ultracold atomic gas as it crosses the superfluid to Mott insulator transition provides direct access to individual characteristics of the insulating, superfluid and normal phases, and enables a complete characterization of multiple phases in a strongly correlated Bose gas.
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