Single–pulse studies of three millisecond pulsars

  title={Single–pulse studies of three millisecond pulsars},
  author={Nipuni T. Palliyaguru and Benetge B. P. Perera and Maura Mclaughlin and Stefan Osłowski and Gage L Siebert},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
Single–pulse studies are important to understand the pulsar emission mechanism and the noise floor in precision timing.We study total intensity and polarimetry properties of three bright millisecond pulsars – PSRs J1022+1001, J1713+0747, and B1855+09 – that have detectable single pulses at multiple frequencies. We report for the first time the detection of single pulses from PSRs J1022+1001 and J1713+0747 at 4.5 GHz. In addition, for those two pulsars the fraction of linear polarization in… 

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