Single, Rapid Coastal Settlement of Asia Revealed by Analysis of Complete Mitochondrial Genomes

  title={Single, Rapid Coastal Settlement of Asia Revealed by Analysis of Complete Mitochondrial Genomes},
  author={V. Macaulay and C. Hill and A. Achilli and C. Rengo and D. Clarke and W. Meehan and J. Blackburn and O. Semino and R. Scozzari and F. Cruciani and A. Taha and Norazila Kassim Shaari and Joseph Maripa Raja and P. Ismail and Z. Zainuddin and W. Goodwin and D. Bulbeck and H. Bandelt and S. Oppenheimer and A. Torroni and M. Richards},
  pages={1034 - 1036}
  • V. Macaulay, C. Hill, +18 authors M. Richards
  • Published 2005
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • A recent dispersal of modern humans out of Africa is now widely accepted, but the routes taken across Eurasia are still disputed. We show that mitochondrial DNA variation in isolated “relict” populations in southeast Asia supports the view that there was only a single dispersal from Africa, most likely via a southern coastal route, through India and onward into southeast Asia and Australasia. There was an early offshoot, leading ultimately to the settlement of the Near East and Europe, but the… CONTINUE READING
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