Singing about nations within nations: Geopolitics and identity in Australian indigenous rock music

  title={Singing about nations within nations: Geopolitics and identity in Australian indigenous rock music},
  author={Peter Dunbar-hall and Christopher R Gibson},
  journal={Popular Music and Society},
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Indigenous Geopolitics in Australia Over the last 25 years, as the United Nations and other global institutions have begun to recognize the rights of colonized peoples, indigenous narratives of nationhood have emerged from within many first world nation-states, including those of Australia, Canada, and the United States, but also many non-Western countries such as the Philippines, Brazil, and throughout Africa. In Australia, indigenous claims for forms of self-determination revolve around… Expand
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: Since the early 1970s commonwealth governments have been pursuing policies of self-determination/self-management in relation to Aborigines. In 1987, the Hawke government announced its intention toExpand