Singing The Dyads: The Chinese Landscape Scroll and Gary Snyder's Mountains and Rivers Without End

  title={Singing The Dyads: The Chinese Landscape Scroll and Gary Snyder's Mountains and Rivers Without End},
  author={Anthony Hunt},
  journal={Journal of Modern Literature},
  pages={34 - 7}
  • Anthony Hunt
  • Published 1 November 1999
  • History
  • Journal of Modern Literature

“Off the Trail”: Ecophilosophy and Gary Snyder’s Idea of “the Wild”

Growing up on a dairy farm in the forested countryside north of Seattle, Gary Snyder, the “Poet Laureate of Deep Ecology,” had intuitive and deep sympathy with wild nature when young, and he regarded

Walking on Walking: A Coded Ku in Gary Snyder’s Mountains and Rivers Without End

Since the publication of Mountains and Rivers Without End (hereafter MRWE) in its final form in 1996, an increasing number of critics have become fascinated with this modernist long poem that took

More Than Meets the Eye: Cross-cultural Interpretations of Digitally Manipulated Photography

  • C. Nicholls
  • Art
    2012 16th International Conference on Information Visualisation
  • 2012
The aim of this paper is to contribute to a greater understanding of the fundamental principle that cultural difference is deeply encrypted in visual information, and that such difference goes beyond the visual, insofar as it resides at the level of the episteme.

Allusions in Gary Snyder's "The Canyon Wren"

Gary Snyder's poem "The Canyon Wren"! has attracted considerable critical attention. The most notable one is the debate between John Whalen-Bridge and Rajeev S. Patke published in Connotations.



Obata's Yosemite: The Art and Letters of Chiura Obata from His Trip to the High Sierra in 1927

Thank you very much for reading obatas yosemite the art and letters of chiura obata from his trip to the high sierra in 1927. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have look numerous times for their

Yet Again ''Streams and Mountains without End''

Ce rouleau peint du Cleveland Museum of Art a ete decrit comme un monument-cle de l'ancienne peinture chinoise de paysage. Depuis, des controverses se sont elevees sur sa datation. D'abord place dans

The Cantos of Ezra Pound

For this edition of one of the great landmarks in 20th-century poetry two previously uncollected cantos have been added, and some passages from other cantos, omitted from earlier printings, restored

The Dharma Bums

"The Dharma Bums" appeared just one year after the author's explosive "On The Road" had put the Beat Generation on the literary map and Kerouac on the best-seller list. The same expansiveness, humour

Moon in a Dewdrop:Writings Of Zen Master Dogen

moon in a dewdrop writings of zen master dogen are a good way to achieve details about operating certainproducts. Many products that you buy can be obtained using instruction manuals. These user

A history of Far Eastern art

This is an account of the visual arts of Asia, from the Indus River to Japan and Java, between the fifth millennium BC and AD 1850. This comprehensive fifth edition includes astonishing recent