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Sindromi nervose canalicolari degli arti ad etiologia non traumatica

  title={Sindromi nervose canalicolari degli arti ad etiologia non traumatica},
  author={N. Marchetti},
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La compressione del nervo sciatico popliteo esterno al capitello peroneale
External popliteal sciatic neuropathy is the most common neuropathy in the lower limb, andalyses of the SPE are relatively common, but real entrapment neuropathies are rare. Expand
Elbow Nerve Tunnel Syndromes
Terms like “lateral” and “medial epicondylalgia” characterize painful syndromes in the elbow, due to microtraumatic stress in the medial region (internal compartment) and in the lateral region (external compartment). Expand
A case of intraneural cyst of the common peroneal nerve
  • A. Meo, B. Lucci
  • Medicine
  • The Italian Journal of Neurological Sciences
  • 2006
An ex-amateur footballer with paralysis of the left CPN but unaffected peroneus longus proved, on surgical exploration of the CPN at the level of the head of the fibula, to have an intraneural cyst, which was removed, and the pathogenesis was considered to be traumatic. Expand
Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Non-Traumatic Canalicular Peripheral Neuropathy of the Arm
When patients have clinical and electrophysiological evidence of neuropathy without MR demonstration of the nerve lesion, therapy will be conservative, thus saving the cost and risk of surgery, the disease is known to be advanced and surgery will be indicated to prevent neurotmesis. Expand
Nerve tunnel syndromes in the elbow
The terms lateral and medial epicondylalgia define the painful syndromes of the elbow located medially (internal compartment) or laterally (external compartment) and caused by microtraumatic stress. Expand
Clinical Aspects of Entrapment Neuropathies of Peripheral Nerves
This presentation is limited to the original concept of entrapment neuropathy: a peripheral nerve lesion presenting without evident external cause and localized in one of those anatomical zones where the nerve passes through a narrow path. Expand