Sin, Sickness, and Sanity

  title={Sin, Sickness, and Sanity},
  author={Vern L. Bullough and Bonnie Bullough},
iv, 90 pages. Thesis (M.S.W.)-Smith College School for Social Work, 2014. Includes bibliographical references (pages 82-90)
Homophobia and women archaeologists
Homophobia has a long, sad but obscure history in the Western world and in the world of archaeology. In this paper I argue that homophobia was responsible for women choosing not to go into
Analysis of the Experiences of Polyamorists in Spain
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Towards Redirecting the Female Circumcision Debate: Legal, Ethical and Cultural Considerations
Although female circumcision is a medically unacceptable practice, the use of criminal law in western countries is nevertheless hypocritical and redundant, and the most effective way to end female circumcision in its entirety is through aggressive education and the creation of alternatives for communities affected by the practice.
Omnia Vincit Amor: Narratives of Sexual Promiscuity
Especially when practiced by women, sexual promiscuity is interpreted as a stigmatized phenomenon and as a major causal factor for various negative behaviors. This paper offers an insight into
Trans is not a disorder – but should still receive funding
Trans, the state of identifying with a gender other than one assigned at birth, dates back into pre-history. Indeed, many cultures have had, and still have, specifically accepted, and many times
LGBTQs and the DSM-5: A Critical Queer Response
This article outlines a community-based collaboration in Toronto, Canada that led to an official response to the APA’s call for comments and suggestions regarding diagnostic criteria revisions for