Simultaneously multiple 3D barcodes identification using radio frequency


This paper presents a new proposal of utilizing the advantages of both the barcode and the RFID technology in a hybrid system where we can have the maximum efficiency with comparatively low cost. This system will use radio frequency (RF) to identify multiple 3D barcodes simultaneously using time division multiplexing technique instead of infrared (IR) or LASER to overcome the line of sight problem while not exactly using RFID tags of silicon chip rather using 3D barcodes as printing of barcodes is less expensive than silicon RFID tags. RFID technology has some advantages over barcode technology for identification at item levels but barcodes offer notably low cost over RFID. Again 3D barcodes carry more information than 2D or 1D barcodes do. The identification of 3D barcodes will be almost same as linear or 2D barcodes except that we need to measure the height of the 3D barcodes using radio frequency. This proposed system is expected to detect multiple 3D barcodes using radio frequency with cost effectively and can be implemented conveniently in the places like mega shops, warehouses, manufacturing factories, stores, etc.

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