Simultaneous source location

  title={Simultaneous source location},
  author={Konstantin Andreev and Charles Garrod and Daniel Golovin and Bruce M. Maggs and Adam Meyerson},
  journal={ACM Trans. Algorithms},
We consider the problem of simultaneous source location: selecting locations for sources in a capacitated graph such that a given set of demands can be satisfied simultaneously, with the goal of minimizing the number of locations chosen. For general directed and undirected graphs we give an <i>O</i>(log <i>D</i>)-approximation algorithm, where <i>D</i> is the sum of demands, and prove matching Ω(log <i>D</i>) hardness results assuming <b>P</b> ≠ <b>NP</b>. For undirected trees, we give an exact… CONTINUE READING

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