Simultaneous quantification of 37 synthetic cannabinoid metabolites in human urine by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

  title={Simultaneous quantification of 37 synthetic cannabinoid metabolites in human urine by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry},
  author={Moonhee Jang and Ilchung Shin and Jihyun Kim and Wonkyung Yang},
  journal={Forensic Toxicology},
Despite efforts by legal authorities to control the abuse of synthetic cannabinoids, new derivatives have continually emerged on the market to circumvent regulations, and its abuse has become a threat to public health. Thus, development of analytical methods for confirming drug intake in biological fluids is essential to ensure effective drug control and to address further drug intoxication cases. Herein, a sensitive and reliable liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry method was… 

Simultaneous Analysis of 15 Synthetic Cannabinoids in Human Urine by Using Liquid-Chromatography Tandem-Mass Spectrometry

Synthetic cannabinoids became popular since 2004 among mind-altering drugs, called as “legal highs”, “designer drugs”, or "herbal highs”. They are sprayed on plants and used by smoking, vaporizing or

Sensitive screening of synthetic cannabinoids using liquid chromatography quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry after solid phase extraction.

LC-QTOF-MS was able to detect substances above trace quantities in most cases, therefore fulfilling its purpose as a sensitive general screening approach, and enables future additions for up to thousands of targets.

Solid-phase extraction-liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for the qualitative analysis of 61 synthetic cannabinoid metabolites in urine.

The developed method enables the rapid and sensitive detection of synthetic cannabinoid metabolites in urine, complementing the spectrum of existing analytical tools in forensic case work.

Comprehensive analysis of synthetic cannabinoids and metabolites in oral fluid by online solid-phase extraction coupled to liquid chromatography-triple quadrupole-mass spectrometry

A validated online solid-phase extraction (online SPE) method coupled to LC-QqQ-MS for rapid confirmation and quantitation of 72 structurally diverse SC parent drugs and metabolites in OF with 2.5 min of preconcentration time and a total elution time of < 10 min is reported.

Identification and quantification of predominant metabolites of synthetic cannabinoid MAB-CHMINACA in an authentic human urine specimen.

This is the first report dealing with in vivo identification and quantification of MAB-CHMINACA metabolites in an authentic human urine specimen and it is shown that two predominant metabolites could be identified and quantified in the urine specimen of the deceased.

Analysis of synthetic cannabinoids and drugs of abuse amongst HIV-infected individuals

The impact of synthetic cannabinoids on antiretroviral therapy discontinuation will be explored comparing urine results with self-report, as well as the differences in biological matrices (urine and oral fluid) for monitoring synthetic cannabinoids and classic drugs of abuse.



Analysis of 30 synthetic cannabinoids in serum by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry after liquid-liquid extraction.

A significant shift of the market of synthetic cannabinoids towards substances featuring a higher CB(1) binding affinity is demonstrated and clearly emphasize that the analysis of synthetic cannabinoid in serum or blood samples requires highly sensitive analytical methods covering a wide spectrum of substances.

LC/ESI-MS/MS method for quantification of 28 synthetic cannabinoids in neat oral fluid and its application to preliminary studies on their detection windows

The results indicate that synthetic cannabinoids are transferred from the blood stream into OF and vice versa only at a very low rate, and neat oral fluid appears to be well suited for detection of a recent synthetic cannabinoid use.

High-throughput bioanalytical method for analysis of synthetic cannabinoid metabolites in urine using salting-out sample preparation and LC-MS/MS.

  • E. YanesD. Lovett
  • Chemistry
    Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences
  • 2012

Validation of a novel immunoassay for the detection of synthetic cannabinoids and metabolites in urine specimens.

The validation and performance characteristics of two enzyme linked immunosorbent assays designed to detect the use of two common synthetic cannabinoids in urine, JWH-018 and Jwh-250 are described.

A comprehensive library-based, automated screening procedure for 46 synthetic cannabinoids in serum employing liquid chromatography-quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometry with high-temperature electrospray ionization.

An automated screening procedure for the detection of synthetic cannabinoids in serum using a liquid chromatography-ion trap-MS (LC-MS(n)) system and a spectra library-based approach, currently including 46 synthetic cannabinoids and 8 isotope labelled analogues.

LC-QTOF-MS as a superior strategy to immunoassay for the comprehensive analysis of synthetic cannabinoids in urine

The immunoassay performed well, presenting both high sensitivity and specificity for the synthetic cannabinoids present in the urine samples tested, and is considered time-of-flight mass spectrometry to be superior since new metabolites can be quickly included and identified.