Simultaneous gastric emptying of two solid foods.

  title={Simultaneous gastric emptying of two solid foods.},
  author={Kerry Weiner and L. Stephen Graham and Terry J. Reedy and Janet D. Elashoff and James H. Meyer},
  volume={81 2},
A variety of radionuclide-labeled, solid foods have been used to measure gastric emptying. Implicit is the idea that the nuclide label identifies the rate of emptying of meal contents. The present studies tested whether different foods empty from the human stomach at different rates. Eight volunteers were fed meals of 200 ml of water + 213 g of beef stew + 52 g of chicken liver, with half the liver as 0.25-mm particles and half as 10-mm chunks, labeled with 99mTc and 113mIn, respectively, or… CONTINUE READING

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