Simultaneous deep-plane face lift and trichloroacetic acid peel.

  title={Simultaneous deep-plane face lift and trichloroacetic acid peel.},
  author={D L Dingman and Joop Hartog and Maria Siemionow},
  journal={Plastic and reconstructive surgery},
  volume={93 1},
  pages={86-93; discussion 94-5}
Many patients seeking facial rejuvenation require a combination of face lift and chemical peel to achieve optimal results. These procedures traditionally have been separated in time because of fear of skin slough after simultaneous peel and face lift. The recent evolution to deep-plane face lift and peeling agents other than phenol led to this reexamination of the subject. Forty-seven porcine flaps were treated with a variety of chemabrasion agents. As a result, 35% trichloroacetic acid was… CONTINUE READING


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