Simultaneous cerebrovascular and cardiovascular responses during presyncope.

  title={Simultaneous cerebrovascular and cardiovascular responses during presyncope.},
  author={Richard J. L. Bondar and Mahmood S Kassam and Frank Stein and P T Dunphy and Suzanne M. Fortney and Marvin L. Riedesel},
  volume={26 10},
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Presyncope, characterized by symptoms and signs indicative of imminent syncope, can be aborted in many situations before loss of consciousness occurs. The plasticity of cerebral autoregulation in healthy humans and its behavior during this syncopal prodrome are unclear, although systemic hemodynamic instability has been suggested as a key factor in the precipitation of syncope. Using lower body negative pressure (LBNP) to simulate central hypovolemia, we previously… CONTINUE READING