Simultaneous Qualitation and Quantitation of Chlorogenic Acids in Kuding Tea Using Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography–Diode Array Detection Coupled with Linear Ion Trap–Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer

  title={Simultaneous Qualitation and Quantitation of Chlorogenic Acids in Kuding Tea Using Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography–Diode Array Detection Coupled with Linear Ion Trap–Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer},
  author={Yanyun Che and Zhibin Wang and Zhiyun Zhu and Yangyang Ma and Yaqiong Zhang and Wen Gu and Jiayu Zhang and Gaoxiong Rao},
Kuding tea, the leaves of Ilex Kudingcha C.J. Tseng, has been applied for treating obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, hyperlipidemia, and so on. The chlorogenic acids (CGAs) in Kuding tea have shown excellent antioxidative, antiobesity, anti-atherosclerotic and anticancer activities. Nevertheless, the chemical profiles of CGAs in Kuding tea have not been comprehensively studied yet, which hinders further quality control. In the present study, a sensitive ultra-high-performance… Expand
Simultaneous qualitative and quantitative evaluation of Ilex kudingcha C. J. tseng by using UPLC and UHPLC‐qTOF‐MS/MS
A strategy based on the UHPLC‐qTOF‐MS/MS‐oriented characterizition and UPLC‐DAD‐based quantification for systematic assessment of the quality homogeneity of Ilex kudingcha C. J. Tseng was established and provided a potential approach for holistic quality control. Expand
Phytochemical Composition of Solanum retroflexum Analysed with the Aid of Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography Hyphenated to Quadrupole-Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (UPLC-qTOF-MS)
Solanum retroflexum (nightshade) is an edible plant that is consumed in some regions of South Africa. Its leaves are a good source of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. It appears that there is noExpand
Comprehensive Chemical Profiling in the Ethanol Extract of Pluchea indica Aerial Parts by Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Its Silica Gel Column Chromatography Fractions
67 compounds were unambiguously identified by comparing to the standard references and 47 compounds were tentatively speculated on the basis of the rules of MS/MS fragmentation pattern and chromatographic elution order generalized from the above-mentioned reference standards, among them 10 of them were potentially novel. Expand
Optimization of an Extraction Solvent for Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors from Hibiscus sabdariffa L. Based on Its UPLC-MS/MS Metabolic Profiling
Interestingly, it was showed that the 80% methanol extract was predominated with secondary metabolites from all classes including flavonoids, anthocyanins, phenolic and organic acids, which indicates that these compounds may significantly contribute synergistically to the ACE inhibitory activity of the 80%, which exceeds that of the standard captopril. Expand
Preventive Effect of Small-Leaved Kuding Tea (Ligustrum robustum (Roxb.) Bl.) Polyphenols on D-Galactose-Induced Oxidative Stress and Aging in Mice
Results indicate that PSLKDT is effective in preventing D-galactose-induced oxidative aging in mice, and its efficacy is significantly higher than antioxidant vitamin C. Expand
QSRP Prediction of Retention Times of Chlorogenic Acids in Coffee by Bioplastic Evolution
Caffeoyl-, feruloyland dicaffeoylquinic (chlorogenic) acids in infusions from green and medium roasted coffee beans were identified and quantified by reverse phase liquid chromatography. TheExpand
Chemical Composition, Bioactivity and Safety Aspects of Kuding Tea—From Beverage to Herbal Extract
Kuding tea exhibits antiobesity properties, possibly partly by affecting the intestinal microbiota, and may mediate putative antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and anticancer activities, however, there is evidence that high KTE supplementation can adversely affect liver metabolism. Expand
Multi-marker scans coupled to high-resolution mass spectrometry strategy for global profiling combined with structure recognition of unknown trace chlorogenic acids in Lonicera Flos.
A novel comprehensive and effective approach to mine trace unknown compounds combined with structure recognition in complex matrix is developed, in order to profiling potential Chlorogenic acids in Lonicera Flos (LFs): using multiple neutral loss/precursor ion (NL/PI) markers scans combined with high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS). Expand
A portable synthesis of water-soluble carbon dots for highly sensitive and selective detection of chlorogenic acid based on inner filter effect.
  • H. Yang, Liu Yang, +6 authors Xiaoli Hu
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy
  • 2018
As-synthesized CDs were employed as a high-performance fluorescent probe for selective and sensitive determination of chlorogenic acid (CGA) based on inner filter effect and possessed remarkable selectivity and sensitivity towards CGA. Expand
Hydrothermal synthesis of carbon dots and their application for detection of chlorogenic acid.
The proposed fluorescence method was successfully used to analyse CGA in coffee and honeysuckle and displayed excellent water solubility and good photostability. Expand


A strategy for comprehensive identification of sequential constituents using ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with linear ion trap-Orbitrap mass spectrometer, application study on chlorogenic acids in Flos Lonicerae Japonicae.
An ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with linear ion trap-Orbitrap (UPLC-LTQ- orbitrap)-based strategy focused on the comprehensive identification of TCM sequential constituents was developed, allowing a comprehensive revelation of CGAs in FLJ for the first time. Expand
Application of Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with LTQ-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry for the Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Polygonum multiflorum Thumb. and Its Processed Products
The results demonstrated that the UHPLC-LTQ-Orbitrap hybrid mass spectrometry method is simple, rapid, and suitable for the discrimination and quality control of this traditional Chinese herb. Expand
Characterization and profiling of phenolic amides from Cortex Lycii by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled with LTQ-Orbitrap mass spectrometry
An effective method was developed for structural characterization of phenolic amides from Cortex Lycii by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled with linear ion trap Orbitrap tandem mass spectrometry, and it was found that cinnamic acid amides were the main type of phenolics in Cortex LyCIi. Expand
Identification of the Major Components of Buddleja officinalis Extract and Their Metabolites in Rat Urine by UHPLC-LTQ-Orbitrap.
In this study, the major components of B. officinalis extract and their metabolites in rat urine were detected and identified by ultra-high-pressure liquid chromatography coupled with linear ion trap-orbitrap tandem mass spectrometry (UHPLC-LTQ-Orbitrap). Expand
Purification and HPLC Analysis of Caffeoylquinic Acids from Kudingcha Made from Ilex kudingcha C.J.Tseng
Six caffeoylquinic acid(CQA) derivatives were separated by column chromatography and semi-preparative high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC) from the crude extract of Ilex kudingchaExpand
Diagnostic fragment-ion-based and extension strategy coupled to DFIs intensity analysis for identification of chlorogenic acids isomers in Flos Lonicerae Japonicae by HPLC-ESI-MS(n).
The results indicated that the method of developed DFIBES coupled to DFIs analysis was feasible, reliable and universal for screening and identifying the constituents with the same carbon skeletons especially the isomeric compounds from the complex extract of TCMs. Expand
Determination of polyphenolic content and antioxidant activity of kudingcha made from Ilex kudingcha C.J. Tseng
Abstract The total polyphenol content and the antioxidant activity of kudingcha made from Ilex kudingcha C.J. Tseng were determined by Folin–Ciocalteu reagent, and DPPH, FRAP, and TEAC methods,Expand
Identification of Metabolites of 6′-Hydroxy-3,4,5,2′,4′-pentamethoxychalcone in Rats by a Combination of Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Linear Ion Trap-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry Based on Multiple Data Processing Techniques
The result on PTC metabolites significantly expanded the understanding of its pharmacological effects, and could be targets for future studies on the important chemical constituents from herbal medicines. Expand
Antioxidant activity and principles of Vietnam bitter tea Ilex kudingcha
Abstract The ethyl acetate-soluble fraction of Vietnam bitter tea (Ilex kudingcha) was found to display remarkable free radical-scavenging activities against DPPH (IC50 16.3 μg/ml), OH (IC50 87.5 andExpand
Antidiabetic Effect of an Active Components Group from Ilex kudingcha and Its Chemical Composition
Investigation of the antidiabetic activities of an active components group (ACG) obtained from Ilex kudingcha in alloxan-induced type 2 diabetic mice significantly reduced the elevated levels of serum glycaemic and lipids in type 1 diabetic mice. Expand