[Simultaneous Fluorescent Imaging of Mg2+ and Ca2+].


Simultaneous fluorescent imaging technique with several indicators is a powerful bio-imaging tool for a comprehensive survey about molecular functions in living cells. There are several interactions between Mg(2+) and Ca(2+) such as a counter transport or a competition at binding sites of divalent cation. To measure Mg-Ca images simultaneously, indicators with high selectivity to each divalent cation and multi-color fluorescent imaging system are essential. Here we introduce a setup for Mg-Ca fluorescent imaging we construct, and some reports about Mg-Ca imaging.

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@article{Kubota2004SimultaneousFI, title={[Simultaneous Fluorescent Imaging of Mg2+ and Ca2+].}, author={Takeshi Kubota and Kotaro Oka}, journal={Clinical calcium}, year={2004}, volume={14 8}, pages={41-4} }