Simultaneous Embeddability of Two Partitions

  title={Simultaneous Embeddability of Two Partitions},
  author={Jan Christoph Athenst{\"a}dt and Tanja Hartmann and Martin N{\"o}llenburg},
We study the simultaneous embeddability of a pair of partitions of the same underlying set into disjoint blocks. Each element of the set is mapped to a point in the plane and each block of either of the two partitions is mapped to a region that contains exactly those points that belong to the elements in the block and that is bounded by a simple closed curve. We establish three main classes of simultaneous embeddability weak, strong, and full embeddability that differ by increasingly strict… 

C-Planarity Testing of Embedded Clustered Graphs with Bounded Dual Carving-Width

It is shown that the C-Planarity Testing problem admits a single-exponential single-parameter FPT (resp, XP) algorithm for embedded flat (resp., non-flat) clustered graphs, when parameterized by the carving-width of the dual graph of the input.

Planarity of Overlapping Clusterings Including Unions of Two Partitions

We show that clustered planarity with overlapping clusters as introduced by Didimo et al. can be solved in polynomial time if each cluster induces a connected subgraph. It can be solved in linear

Reconstruction and Visualization of Archaeological Networks



Blocks of Hypergraphs - Applied to Hypergraphs and Outerplanarity

This work shows how to test in polynomial time whether a given hypergraph has a cactus support, i.e. a support that is a tree of edges and cycles of hypergraphs.

Optimal Binary Space Partitions in the Plane

It is np-hard to decide whether a given set of segments admits an auto-partition that does not make any cuts, so an optimal restricted bsp makes at most 2 times as many cuts as an optimal free bsp for the same set of segment.

Optimal Binary Space Partitions for Segments in the Plane

It is NP-hard to decide whether a given set of segments admits an auto-partition that does not make any cuts, and an optimal restricted BSP makes at most 2 times as many cuts as an optimal free BSP for the same set of segment.

On grid intersection graphs

On Planar Supports for Hypergraphs

This paper presents an algorithm which tests in polynomial time if a given hypergraph has a planar support that is a tree where the maximal degree of each vertex is bounded and proves that it is already NP-hard to decide if a hyper graph has a 3-outerplanar support.

Embedding Planar Graphs at Fixed Vertex Locations

An algorithm for constructing in O(n2) time a planar embedding of G, where vertices are represented by point pi and each edge is represented by a polygonal curve with O( n) bends (internal vertices).

Bend-Bounded Path Intersection Graphs: Sausages, Noodles, and Waffles on a Grill

It is shown here that for every fixed k, Bk-VPG $\subsetneq$Bk+1- VPG is in no inclusion relation with the class of intersection graphs of straight line segments in the plane.

Recognizing string graphs in NP

It is shown that the recognition problem for string graphs is in NP, and therefore NP-complete, since Kratochvíl showed that the Recognition problem is NP-hard.

Hypermaps versus bipartite maps

Subdivision Drawings of Hypergraphs

Two new types of subdivision drawings are studied which are more general than concrete Euler diagrams and more restricted than vertex-based Venn diagrams and allow us to draw more hypergraphs than the former while having better aesthetic properties than the latter.