Simuler les évolutions urbaines à l'aide de données géographiques urbaines 3D


Understanding and studying urban evolutions is important regarding their potential consequences. In order to apprehend such phenomena, agent based urban simulations can be used. In this context, the increasing availability of 3D urban data can be put to use for simulations so as to gain a finer understanding of urban evolutions. We propose a novel approach integrating 3D data and their analysis combined with urban regulation rules during the different steps of the simulation: the creation of spatio-temporal databases, the qualification of the urban fabric and buildings simulation. A potential application of such a simulator for the support of urban rules parameters choice is proposed. MOTS-CLÉS : simulation, évolutions urbaines, SIG 3D, analyse spatiale, règles d’urbanisme.

DOI: 10.3166/rig.24.159-180

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@article{Brasebin2014SimulerL, title={Simuler les {\'e}volutions urbaines {\`a} l'aide de donn{\'e}es g{\'e}ographiques urbaines 3D}, author={Micka{\"{e}l Brasebin and S{\'e}bastien Musti{\`e}re and Julien Perret and Christiane Weber}, journal={Revue Internationale de G{\'e}omatique}, year={2014}, volume={24}, pages={159-180} }