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Simulations of $^{60}$Fe entrained in ejecta from a near-Earth supernova: Effects of observer motion

  title={Simulations of \$^\{60\}\$Fe entrained in ejecta from a near-Earth supernova: Effects of observer motion},
  author={Evgenii Chaikin and Alexander A. Kaurov and Brian D. Fields and Camila A Correa},
Recent studies have shown that live (not decayed) radioactive 60Fe is present in deep-ocean samples, Antarctic snow, lunar regolith, and cosmic rays. 60Fe represents supernova (SN) ejecta deposited in the Solar System around 3Myr ago, and recently an earlier pulse ≈ 7 Myr ago has been found. These data point to one or multiple near-Earth SN explosions that presumably participated in the formation of the Local Bubble. We explore this theory using 3D high-resolution smooth-particle hydrodynamical… 

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