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Simulation versus narrative

  title={Simulation versus narrative},
  author={Gonzalo Frasca and Gonzalo Frasca},
Academic video game studies have known an incredible development during the last couple of years. Slowly, academic interest has shifted from the early do-games-induce-violent-behaviors studies toward analyses that acknowledge the relevance of this new medium. Several international conferences on game studies took place in 2001, plus the publication of Game Studies, the first peer-reviewed online journal on the field. In 2002 and 2003, the number of conferences and workshops kept growing… 

Defragging the Divide: Narrative Practices in Current Videogames (And How to Understand Them)

A decade ago, many scholars in the new discipline of games studies vigorously denied any connection between games and narrative (Aarseth 2001, Eskelinen 2001, Juul 2001, Frasca 2003). Recently, game

Exploring the Frontiers of Digital Gaming: Traditional Games, Expressive Games, Pervasive Games

Since the turn of the millennium, the study of digital games has taken a lot of space in the academic endeavours focussing on ludic manifestations. Many literature reviews of contemporary game

The Dawn Of Literature: Video Games As The New Breed of Modern Popular Literature

  • D. Saptanto
  • Art, Education
    Proceedings of the 9th UNNES Virtual International Conference on English Language Teaching, Literature, and Translation, ELTLT 2020, 14-15 November 2020, Semarang, Indonesia
  • 2021
. Video game is a new form of modern popular culture among the people these days. The purpose of this research is to analyze the formula of video games. Writer uses a descriptive qualitative method

Gaming history: computer and video games as historical scholarship

‘Gaming History’ explores how scholarly computer and video games could be developed to present original historical scholarship and meet the standards of the discipline. Instead of a monograph and the

Beyond Iconic Simulation

It is argued that indexical and symbolic simulation reduce the number of parts of simulation without affecting its structural complexity and emergent behavior too much, which leads to a perspective on games that pays more attention to the expressive power of relatively simple game mechanics.

Formalising Suspense from Immersive Environments

In this paper, suspense definitions are reviewed from the view of emotional e↵ects and a formula relating suspense to dimensions valence, arousal and dominance is proposed that supports its application for a horror game.

Introduction on games, serious games, simulation and gamification

Over the last 20 years, games have arguably become the largest form of entertainment, surpassing the movie industry (Maslow 1954; Isfe 2010). The starkest increase in annual revenue for the games

Playing Producer: An alternative perspective on video games as film

This paper proposes a perspective on analyzing video games as film by comparing the interactions of the player with those of a producer or other member in the film-making process. This contrasts with

Using a digital game as an advance organizer

  • A. Denham
  • Education
    Educational Technology Research and Development
  • 2017
The use of digital games as an instructional tool has garnered increasing attention in the education community. Empirical work supported by theory on the learning affordances of digital games allowed

Literary and Historical 3D Digital Game—Based Learning: Design Guidelines

A synthesis of contemporary pedagogical, instructional design, new media, and literary-historical theories is offered to articulate design guidelines for these types of game environments and the needs of player-as-learner in synthetic worlds.



The literary mind.

We usually consider literary thinking to be peripheral and dispensable, an activity for specialists: poets, prophets, lunatics, and babysitters. Certainly we do not think it is the basis of the mind.

Theater of the oppressed

As illiteracy has been shown to be a weapon of the ruling class, so Augusto Boal shows theatre to be a weapon, not only of bourgeois control but of revolution. He demonstrates the ways in which

Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace

hamlet on the holodeck the future of narrative in cyberspace hamlet on the holodeck the future of narrative in cyberspace hamlet on the holodeck: the future of narrative in hamlet on the holodeck the

" St . Louis County ' s regulations on video games upheld , " TheNando Times ( April 25 , 2002 )

  • Turtles , Termites , and Traffic Jams
  • 2001

Termites, and Traffic Jams

  • Termites, and Traffic Jams
  • 2001

Computers as Theater (London

  • Addison Wesley,
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The Gaming Situation," Game Studies 1, No. 1 (July 2001). Available online at <http://www.gamestudies.org/0101/eskelinen/>

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