Simulation support for a new approach to multimodal transportation handling


New approaches for multimodal transportation solutions are necessary to increase competitiveness, efficiency and speed of container transportation on railways. Especially the modal changes between train and truck are subject to be investigated. A new innovative approach, the "Innovative Handling Terminal (IUT)" addresses the problem. Putting road and train track side by side together with dividing handling and storing into two task-specific systems was the winning approach of a EU-founded project on new methods. Because of huge investing efforts in the development, the whole system was primarily built in the simulation model, with emphasis on flexibility and visualization. The model was realized with the possibility to compare different layouts (different sizes, different, number of handling units, etc.) of terminals just by changing parameters from an external data source. The simulation model together with the animation turned out to be unavoidable support for the whole development process, and is still continued to be extended and used.

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