Simulation of the Saturation and Air-Gap Effects in a POT Ferrite Core With a 2-D Finite Element Model

  title={Simulation of the Saturation and Air-Gap Effects in a POT Ferrite Core With a 2-D Finite Element Model},
  author={R. Alvarez Salas and J. Pleite},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Magnetics},
In this paper, we propose a modeling procedure and the design criterion for the simulation in 2-D of an inductor with a POT-type ferrite core. The procedure is capable of reproducing both the nonlinear magnetic flux-current curve and the corresponding inductance-current curve in the ferrite's complete working range, from the linear to the saturation region. The finite element simulations are carried out in 2-D with its advantages being the considerable reduction of the computational cost as… CONTINUE READING


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