Simulation of space charge in polyethylene naphthalate: Effect of charge carrier mobility

  title={Simulation of space charge in polyethylene naphthalate: Effect of charge carrier mobility},
  author={Abdeslem Beldjilali and Mohamed Zoubair Saidi and Nadia Saidi-Amroun},
  journal={2013 IEEE International Conference on Solid Dielectrics (ICSD)},
The aim of this work is to study, with a numerical simulation, the space charge dynamics in polymers, where a particular intent is accorded to the mobility parameter. Analysis of experimental transient charging current, with anomalous peak, under dc field, in polyethylene naphthalate, show that carriers mobility depends strongly on the temperature and weakly on applied field (probably due to its small range variation). The temperature dependence of the mobility follows an Arrhenius-like law… CONTINUE READING
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