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Simulation of hybrid laser-tig welding process using fea

  title={Simulation of hybrid laser-tig welding process using fea},
  author={Edison Gundabattini},
  journal={journal of engineering science and technology},
  • Edison Gundabattini
  • Published 2018
  • Materials Science
  • journal of engineering science and technology
Hybrid welding technology has wide advantages in welding to improve speed, weldability of special materials, increasing depth of weld. Less defects of the weld, less bead widths, less temperature, less distortion and less residual stresses are seen. In this study, a three-dimensional Finite Element Model is developed for butt joints for SS316L. The heat flux models of double ellipsoidal surface heat flux of TIG process and lateral heat to the thickness face of laser process are used to model… Expand
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Investigation on 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel K-TIG Welded Joint
In this paper, 8 mm thickness 2205 duplex stainless steel (DSS) plates were successfully welded using keyhole tungsten inert gas welding (K-TIG) welding, and numerical simulations were performedExpand
FEM model for TIG hybrid laser butt welding of 6 mm thick austenitic to martensitic stainless steels
Abstract In this work, the finite element method (FEM) was employed to simulate hybrid laser TIG butt welding on 6 mm thick austenitic stainless steel (AISI 304) and martensitic stainless steel (AISIExpand
Distortion control in Laser beam welding using Taguchi ANOVA analysis
Industrial process control is essential as the customer demand for quality, cost, performance; safety and reliability are ever-increasing. To obtaining a process that will give minimum distortionExpand


3D finite element modeling of the thermally induced residual stress in the hybrid laser/arc welding of lap joint
Abstract In this study, a three-dimensional (3D) finite element model is developed to investigate thermally induced stress field during hybrid laser–gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) process. In theExpand
Numerical and experiment analysis of residual stress on magnesium alloy and steel butt joint by hybrid laser-TIG welding
Abstract Hybrid welding technology has received significant attention in the welding of dissimilar materials recently. While, great welding residual stress and deformation often result by theExpand
A Welding Simulation of Dissimilar Materials SS304 and Copper
A welding simulation is developed for dissimilar metals followed by a mathematical model for laser beam welding. In this work a Finite element model for dissimilar welding of 304 steel & Copper isExpand
Welding Process Simulation Model for Temperature and Residual Stress Analysis
Abstract Welding is widely used in all the fabrication processes for the development of structural components. An accurate and physically suitable heat flux simulation model is to be given as inputExpand
Finite element simulation of magnesium alloys laser beam welding
In this paper, a three-dimensional finite element model is developed to simulate thermal history magnesium-based alloys during laser beam welding. Space–time temperature distributions in weldmentsExpand
LASER-MIG Hybrid Welding of Thick Plates of Mild Steel in Single Pass
Laser hybrid welding combines the deep penetration capability of laser beam and edge gap bridging capability of an arc welding process such as MIG/MAG. In the present work, a 3.5 kW slab CO 2 LASERExpand
A new finite element model for welding heat sources
A mathematical model for weld heat sources based on a Gaussian distribution of power density in space is presented. In particular a double ellipsoidal geometry is proposed so that the size and shapeExpand
A Review Paper on A-Tig Welding Process
This paper presents a review on Activated Flux Welding Process (ATIG). In present age of competition different types of organizations are striving hard to control costs, maintain high levels ofExpand
Heat Flux for Welding Processes: Model for Laser Weld
An accurate and physically suitable heat flux model is required to represent the welding process. Experimentally established processes are referred. A well-established model in heat fluxExpand
A model describing the process of deep-penetration laser welding has been developed by calculating the keyhole profile using a point-by-point determination of the energy balance at the keyhole wall.Expand