Simulation of flow around open storage pile based on low Reynolds number turbulence model


Air flow field around open storage pile is a matter of flow around square cylinder. Prediction of wind flow over storage pile plays a dominant role in the evaluation of its environmental impact. Numerical simulation of flow around square cylinder has been widely recognized as a powerful tool in determining air flow field. This paper introduces the application of the numerical simulation in the research of flow around an open storage pile, applies four types of low-Reynolds number turbulence model to research the unsteady air flow field around an open storage pile. Result shows that YS model achieved a better conclusion than the other three low-Reynolds number turbulence models in flow pattern of different phase and time average accuracy as it more close to the experiment results and large eddy simulation. In addition, the calculation results using YS low-Reynolds number turbulence model is more close to experiment results in determination of drag coefficient and lift coefficient. This paper will be an essential basis for practical applications.

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