Simulation of at-sensor radiance over land for proposed thermal channels of Imager payload onboard INSAT-3D satellite using MODTRAN model

  title={Simulation of at-sensor radiance over land for proposed thermal channels of Imager payload onboard INSAT-3D satellite using MODTRAN model},
  author={Mehul R. Pandya and D. B. Shah and H. J. Trivedi and Sushma Panigrahy},
  journal={Journal of Earth System Science},
INSAT-3D is the new generation Indian satellite designed for improved Earth observations through two payloads – Imager and Sounder. Study was conducted with an aim of simulating satellite level signal over land in the infrared channels of the Imager payload using a radiative transfer model MODTRAN. Satellite level at-sensor radiance corresponding to all four infrared channels of INSAT-3D Imager payload is obtained using MODTRAN and sensitivity of at-sensor radiance was inferred as a function of… Expand
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  • Environmental Science, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote. Sens.
  • 1996
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