Simulation of anomalous transport in tokamaks using the FACETS code

  title={Simulation of anomalous transport in tokamaks using the FACETS code},
  author={Alexei Pankin and Alexander Pletzer and Srinath Vadlamani and John R. Cary and Ammar Hakim and Scott Kruger and Mahmood Miah and Thomas D. Rognlien and Svetlana G. Shasharina and Glenn Bateman and Arnold Kritz and Tariq Rafiq},
  journal={Computer Physics Communications},
The development of a new parallel framework for integrated modeling of tokamak plasmas is a primary objective of the SciDAC Framework Architecture for Core-Edge Transport Simulations (FACETS) project. The FACETS code will be used to predict the performance of tokamak discharges and to optimize tokamak discharge scenarios. Novel parallel numerical algorithms and solvers have been developed in the FACETS project in order to simulate the multi-scale dynamics of tokamak plasmas. The status of… CONTINUE READING

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