Simulation of Organic Reactions: From the Degradation of Chemicals to Combinatorial Synthesis

  title={Simulation of Organic Reactions: From the Degradation of Chemicals to Combinatorial Synthesis},
  author={Robert H{\"o}llering and Johann Gasteiger and Larissa Steinhauer and Klaus-Peter Schulz and Achim Herwig},
  journal={Journal of chemical information and computer sciences},
  volume={40 2},
Organic reactions can be run under a variety of conditions, from laboratory experiments, through technical processes, to combinatorial chemistry. The scope is further extended when the metabolism of compounds and the reactions in the mass spectrometer are included. We present here several concepts: reactors, phases, and modes, which, together with a kinetic modeling, allow the treatment of such a broad scope of organic reactions. These concepts have been implemented in a knowledge-based system… CONTINUE READING


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