Simulation of Near-Death and out-of-Body Experiences under Hypnosis

  title={Simulation of Near-Death and out-of-Body Experiences under Hypnosis},
  author={R. Van Quekelberghe and P. Goebel and E. Hertweck},
  journal={Imagination, Cognition and Personality},
  pages={151 - 164}
  • R. Van Quekelberghe, P. Goebel, E. Hertweck
  • Published 1994
  • Psychology
  • Imagination, Cognition and Personality
  • In this article we report on an OBE and NDE-simulation study carried out with psychology students (n = 21). In addition to deep relaxation and special forms of hypnotic induction, a number of supplementary techniques were introduced. Effects of the simulation were examined by means of a questionnaire developed especially for the simulation experiment. Modifications and improvements were tested on several subjects who scored high on our questionnaires, and qualitative analysis were performed… CONTINUE READING
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