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Simulation of Cuora galbinifrons nest predation

  title={Simulation of Cuora galbinifrons nest predation},
  author={Li Mi},
  journal={Chinese Journal of Ecology},
  • L. Mi
  • Published 2014
  • Environmental Science
  • Chinese Journal of Ecology
Nest predation in ovipara is a primary cause of reproductive failure. To investigate the type of nest predators,predation rates and the effect on breeding success of Indo-Chinese box turtle( Cuora galbinifrons) in different habitats,we buried eggs of red-eared turtle( Trachemys scripta elegans) to simulate Indo-Chinese box turtle nests at Diaoluoshan village,Diaoluo Nature Reserve in Hainan Island from March to May 2013. One hundred and twenty artificial nests( two eggs per nest) were evenly… 
Reflectance and artificial nest experiments of reptile and bird eggs imply an adaptation of bird eggs against ultraviolet
This study measured white immaculate eggs from four species of turtle and three species of birds by spectrometer, and indicated that the UV reflectance of bird eggs consistently exhibited peaks and troughs in waveform that obviously differed from that of turtle eggs, which rising gradually from 300 to 400 nm.
Infrared camera traps in wildlife research and monitoring in China: is-sues and insights
Infrared-triggered camera (camera trap) is a “non-invasive” method for detecting or recording wild animals, and is a useful tool for studying animal diversity, population ecology and animal behavior.