Simulation of 50-nm Gate Graphene Nanoribbon Transistors

  title={Simulation of 50-nm Gate Graphene Nanoribbon Transistors},
  author={Cedric Nanmeni Bondja and Zhikui Geng and Ralf Granzner and J. Pezoldt and Frank Schwierz},
An approach to simulate the steady-state and small-signal behavior of GNR MOSFETs (graphene nanoribbon metal-semiconductor-oxide field-effect transistor) is presented. GNR material parameters and a method to account for the density of states of one-dimensional systems like GNRs are implemented in a commercial device simulator. This modified tool is used to calculate the current-voltage characteristics as well the cutoff frequency f T and the maximum frequency of oscillation f max of GNR MOSFETs… CONTINUE READING


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