Simulation for remotely detecting Asthma attack using Gaming console-Kinect


The main aim of this research paper is to explore the use of a device which can perform the dual function of detecting an asthma attack without the intervention of any specialist for potential victim and also notify the emergency services. Attack can be tackled if it is detected in short time and appropriate measures are taken instantly. The research paper illustrates how a device called 'Kinect' can further be used to detect an asthma attack and the symptoms experienced along with it. It explains the steps of how this hardware could be programmed for the detection of attack. If an attack is recognized by the system an alarm is sounded and an alert sms is sent to relatives and emergency services. Using Skype a person round the victim can have a video conferencing with doctor and simultaneously take immediate action. Thus a person can be saved by programming this hardware for such medical safety purpose. Index Terms — Asthma attack prevention, Asthma attack detection, Kinect, Xbox ——————————  ——————————

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