Simulation control of an active suspension system using fuzzy control &amp; H<inf>&#x221E;</inf> control methods


The motor vehicles industry has shown a mechatronic system with intelligent and autonomous properties. The mechatronics system is integration of hardware components, implementation of advance control function characterize and information technology. Vehicle suspensions systems typically rated by its ability to provide good road handling and improve passenger comfort. Active suspension poses the ability to reduce the traditional design as a compromise between handling and comfort by directly controlling the suspensions force actuators. The mathematical model for the passive and active suspensions systems for quarter car model is proposed. This paper describes fuzzy and H<inf>&#x221E;</inf> techniques for the automobile active suspension system. The design objective is to provide smooth vertical motion so as to achieve the road holding and riding comfort over a wide range of road profiles. The objective of the proposed control schemes is demonstrated via simulations. The simulation results of the different controllers are compared by using MATLAB /SIMULINK toolbox. Results demonstrate the effectiveness and usefulness of the proposed control method. The simulation results indicate that the proposed active suspension of fuzzy logic control is very effective than the other techniques.

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