Simulation based Assessment of Realistic Mobility Pattern in Ad Hoc Networks


Mobility is a natural personality of Ad Hoc networks. A realistic simulation of user movement in Ad Hoc Network is very important to the network performance. The difficult movement pattern of nodes is significant in the study of Ad hoc Networks. As the existing mobility models cannot realistically model the recognized movement patterns and characteristics of node in any complex area scenarios, this manuscript proposes a person area mobility model that realistically represents the movements of nodes in a personal area scenario. In this manuscript we have used a combine mobility model to analyze the effect of diverse mobility pattern (Random Waypoint Mobility Model and Manhattan Grid Mobility Model) in campus environment to get a realistic simulation. The mobility model is evaluated and compared to existing mobility models in ns-2 simulations with the help of DSR. Therefore, by using mobility a model, this is an important aspect in enhancing the self-confidence in the simulation result of the networks. The results show that Chain Mobility Models better the available mobility model for any site situation.

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