Simulation and fabrication of BST FBAR resonator

  title={Simulation and fabrication of BST FBAR resonator},
  author={Abdulhamid Matoug and Daw A. Asderah and Thottam S. Kalkur},
  journal={2018 International Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Symposium (ACES)},
In this paper a switchable and tunable bulk acoustic wave (BA W) resonator based on Barium Strontium Titanite (Ba0.75Sr0.25TiO3) with MOD deposition on high resistivity Sapphire substrate was implemented using six layers of Silicon dioxide and Tantalum oxide as Bragg reflector. Finite Element Modeling was used for simulation of the resonator to obtain the return loss S11 and both series and parallel resonant frequencies and compared with the result of fabricated resonator. 

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