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Simulation and Performance Evaluation of WiFi and WiMAX Using OPNET

  title={Simulation and Performance Evaluation of WiFi and WiMAX Using OPNET},
  author={Ravinder Paul and Sukhchandan Lally and Ljiljana Trajkovi{\'c}},
Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) network is based on the IEEE 802.11 standard. Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX), based on IEEE 802.16, is a standard with similar principles. The main advantage of WiMAX over WiFi is that it covers larger areas and has higher data rates. WiMAX network operators provide WiMAX subscriber units that enable connection to the metropolitan WiMAX network while WiFi units are used for connecting local devices within homes or businesses. In this paper, we… 

Performance Comparison of WiMAX and WLAN Technologies using OPNET Modeler

This paper compares the performance of WiMAX and WLAN networks for voice, video conferencing, ftp and web applications using OPNET simulator in terms of throughput, delay, jitter, and quality of service (QoS) support.

The Impact of Distance on WLAN and LAN Network Performance

This project will use OPNET’s simulation tool to compare the QoS factors mentioned and make comparisons between WLAN and LAN, which will accurately gauge all these technologies.

Performance Evaluation of WiMAX networks through Large Scale Fading Channel Conditions

Simulative investigations have been done for the WiMAX network using different path loss models in terms of performance metrics such as path loss, throughput and delay, considering VoIP as major application.

The Performance of an 802.11g/Wi-Fi Network Whilst Streaming Voice Content

A simple network model is developed in OPNET to study the performance of the Wi-Fi protocol and results indicate that when the load in theWi-Fi network is increased the queuing delay on the point-to-point links in the wi-fi network significantly reduces until it is comparable to that of WiMAX.

Performance Analysis of WLAN-WiMAX Smart Distribution Grid

The proposed architecture significantly improves the efficiency of the Smart Distribution Grid at reduced cost and parameters like delay, Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), packet drop etc., have been obtained using discrete event simulation model based on OPNET.


This master thesis is to analyze how the handover process affects network performance and propose three scenarios, built over OPNET simulator to measure the most critical wireless parameter and performance indicator such as throughput, handover success rate, packet drop, delay and network usage.

Spring 2014 Final Project Report Evaluation and Comparison of WiMAX ( 802 . 16 a ) and Wi-Fi ( 802 . 11 a )

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Mobile WiMAX MAC and PHY layer optimization for IPTV

Broadband Wireless Access & Local Networks: Mobile Wimax and Wifi

This forward-looking reference focuses on cutting-edge mobile WiMax, WiFi, and WiBro technologies, including in-depth design and implementation guidance, establishing a firm foundation for IP-based wireless local network access.

Streaming Video Content Over IEEE 802 . 16 / WiMAX Broadband Access

This paper uses the OPNET Modeler to simulate bandwidth intensive, delay sensitive, video traffic representative of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and other video-rich applications over WiMAX and ADSL and examines four performance factors to determine whether WiMAX can deliver access network performance comparable to ADSL for video applications.

High-performance wireless Ethernet

The IEEE 802.11b standard for high-performance wireless Ethernet and a proposed extension that provides for 22 Mb/s transmission are considered and the role and limitations of spread spectrum communications in wireless Ethernet are discussed.

What is WiMAX? [Online] Available: http://www.wimax. com/wimax-tutorial/what-is-wimax

  • What is WiMAX? [Online] Available: http://www.wimax. com/wimax-tutorial/what-is-wimax

References WiMAX (802.16) specialized model, OPNET

    Average queuing delay of the switch to server link in WiFi and the IP cloud to server link in WiMAX

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