Simulation and Analysis of Performance Models of Broadband Intelligent Mobile Networks


The present thrust is to develop a broadband intelligent network system which is able to sustain a large number of users and a varying amount of data while maintaining high availability of resources and acceptable performance. In such a scenario, scalability is an important aspect. In this paper we consider the impact of increasing the number of users supported by a network node and show that the network is scalable. Also congestion control is necessary to protect the broadband service control point during overload situations. Existing algorithms do not operate optimally with respect to important performance criteria such as responsiveness, efficiency and fairness. Here we try to identify their shortcomings and propose few enhancements. We also show that the proposed enhanced call-gapping algorithm performs consistently better than the existing automatic call-gapping algorithm in terms of above-mentioned criteria. The effectiveness of this analysis are shown using NS-2 simulator

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