Simulating the future of actions in the human corticospinal system.

  title={Simulating the future of actions in the human corticospinal system.},
  author={Cosimo Urgesi and M. Maieron and Alessio Avenanti and Emmanuele Tidoni and Franco Fabbro and Salvatore Maria Aglioti},
  journal={Cerebral cortex},
  volume={20 11},
Perception of the final position of a moving object or creature is distorted forward along its actual or implied motion path, thus enabling anticipation of its forthcoming position. In a previous research, we demonstrated that viewing static snapshots that imply body actions activates the human motor system. What remains unknown, however, is whether extrapolation of dynamic information and motor activation are higher for upcoming than past action phases. By using single-pulse transcranial… CONTINUE READING

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