Simulating the Effects of Wetland Loss and Inter-Annual Variability on the Fitness of Migratory Bird Species

  title={Simulating the Effects of Wetland Loss and Inter-Annual Variability on the Fitness of Migratory Bird Species},
  author={James A. Smith and Jill L. Deppe},
  journal={IGARSS 2008 - 2008 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium},
  pages={IV - 838-IV - 841}
Long-distance migratory shorebirds require wetland stopover sites where they can forage and deposit sufficient fat to complete their migration and, in the spring, reproduce. Conservation biologists are concerned that continental-scale reductions in wetland availability and quality due to human disturbance, climate change, and natural drought events are negatively impacting these species by eliminating critical stopovers along migratory flyways. We describe an individual-based migration model… CONTINUE READING
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