Simulating a pulsed-power-driven plasma with ideal MHD

  title={Simulating a pulsed-power-driven plasma with ideal MHD},
  author={Andrey Beresnyak and Alexander L. Velikovich and John L. Giuliani and S. L. Jackson and Joseph T. Engelbrecht and A. Stephen Richardson and Arati Dasgupta},
  journal={Physics of Plasmas},
We describe a simple practical numerical method for simulating plasma driven within a vacuum chamber by a pulsed power generator. Typically, in this type of simulation, the vacuum region adjacent to the plasma is approximated as a highly resistive, light fluid; this involves computationally expensive solvers describing the diffusion of the magnetic field through this fluid. Instead, we provide a recipe for coupling pulsed power generators to the magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) domain by… 

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