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Simulating Quantum Mechanics with a $\theta$-term and an 't Hooft Anomaly on a Synthetic Dimension

  title={Simulating Quantum Mechanics with a \$\theta\$-term and an 't Hooft Anomaly on a Synthetic Dimension},
  author={Jiayu Shen and Di Luo and Chenxi Huang and Bryan K. Clark and Aida X. El-Khadra and Bryce Gadway and Patrick Draper},
A topological θ-term in gauge theories, including quantum chromodynamics in 3+1 dimensions, gives rise to a sign problem that makes classical Monte Carlo simulations impractical. Quantum simulations are not subject to such sign problems and are a promising approach to studying these theories in the future. In the near term, it is interesting to study simpler models that retain some of the physical phenomena of interest and their implementation on quantum hardware. For example, dimensionally… 


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