Simulating Nonequlibrium Flow for Ablative Earth Reentry

  title={Simulating Nonequlibrium Flow for Ablative Earth Reentry},
  author={Joseph S. Shang and Sergey T. Surzhikov},
  • Joseph S. Shang, Sergey T. Surzhikov
  • Published 2010
  • Physics
  • The present study of kinetic models for hypersonic nonequilibrium flow attempts to better understand the vibrational relaxation by comparing Park’s model and the preferential dissociation formulations of Treanor– Marrone. A simplified approximation for conductive–convective heat transfer computation on the Stardust capsule has also been implemented by recognizing that the electron excitation rarely populates beyond first quantum level above ground state. In addition, the partially ionized gas… CONTINUE READING

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