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Simulated annealing study of the disordered quantum magnet LiHoxEryY1-x-yF4

  title={Simulated annealing study of the disordered quantum magnet LiHoxEryY1-x-yF4},
  author={G. Klughertz},
  • G. Klughertz
  • Published 2012
  • Physics
  • Thermal and quantum phase transitions of some rare earth compounds (LiErF4, LiYbF4, LiGdF4 and LiTmF4) are established using the mean field theory. These preliminary calculations allowed evidencing the existence of a novel high-field antiferromagnetic phase in LiErF4, and a still unexplained symmetry breaking in LiGdF4. But the discrepancies with experimental results impel a more sophisticated method. We then present analytical and numerical evidence for the validity of an effective approach to… CONTINUE READING