Simplified technique for placement of implantable vascular devices.


A simplified technique for insertion of an implantable vascular device is described. Use of a percutaneous technique with adherence to the steps described with reference to the site of the venipuncture, use of sterile lubricant while introducing the sheathed tapered dilator and Silastic catheter, creation of the subcutaneous pocket after adequate catheter placement and routine use of fluoroscopy helped to avoid technical intraoperative complications, as well as reduce postoperative morbidity.

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@article{Franceschi1987SimplifiedTF, title={Simplified technique for placement of implantable vascular devices.}, author={Dido Franceschi and Colm B Farrell}, journal={Surgery, gynecology & obstetrics}, year={1987}, volume={164 3}, pages={276-9} }