Simplified process for soybean glycinin and beta-conglycinin fractionation.

  title={Simplified process for soybean glycinin and beta-conglycinin fractionation.},
  author={S Wu and Patricia A. Murphy and Lawrence A. Johnson and Markus Reuber and A R Fratzke},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={48 7},
A simplification of the pilot-plant scale modified Nagano method yielding two protein fractions, glycinin and beta-conglycinin, by pH adjustment and ultrafiltration membrane separation was developed and compared with our pilot-plant-scale modified Nagano procedure and with a soy protein isolate pilot-plant procedure as our reference process. Two protein fractions, glycinin and beta-conglycinin, were produced from our simplified process and compared to the three protein fractions, glycinin, beta… CONTINUE READING


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