[Simple renal cysts in children: analysis of surgical treatment].


The results of solitary renal cysts (SRC) treatment in children have been analysed. Laparoscopic and puncture methods have been used. The algorithm of SRC patients' management is proposed. Ninety children with simple renal cysts aged 1 to 15 years were treated in Moscow city N.F. Filatov children's hospital N 13 in 1996-2007. The diagnosis was made basing on the findings of ultrasound investigation, computed tomography and radionuclide scintigraphy. Surgical treatment was applied only in case of large cysts (2.5 cm and more), connection with collective renal system and clinical manifestations. In small-size cysts and normal urodynamics the patients were followed up. Laparoscopic excision of the cyst was performed in 71 cases. The punctures were made under ultrasonic guidance with catchment or without it. The cyst content was aspirated with following sclerosing and administration of 96% ethanol into the cyst cavity. There were no postoperative complications. Good results (cyst disappearance) were achieved in 64 patients after laparoscopic and in 13 after paracentetic treatment; satisfactory results (cyst size reduction and relieve of clinical symptoms) were obtained in 6 children after laparoscopic and in 4 after percutaneous puncture. Laparoscopic treatment failed in 1 case of intraparenchymatous cyst which relapsed. It is recommended to begin treatment of simple renal cysts with use of the paracentetic method with catchment and following sclerosing proving positive results after original surgery.

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