Simple dynamics on graphs

  title={Simple dynamics on graphs},
  author={Maximilien Gadouleau and Adrien Richard},

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Nilpotent dynamics on signed interaction graphs and weak converses of Thomas' rules

On the influence of the interaction graph on a finite dynamical system

  • M. Gadouleau
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Natural Computing
  • 2019
It is shown that the minimum rank decreases with the alphabet size, thus yielding the definition of an absolute minimum rank, and lower and upper bounds on thisabsolute minimum rank are obtained.

On Simulation in Automata Networks

This paper study how some (sets of) automata networks can be simulated by some other (set of) Automata networks with prescribed update mode or interaction graph, and characterize the set of functions that are generated by non-bijective sequential updates.

Dynamical properties of disjunctive Boolean networks

This paper first review the different defining characteristics of disjunctive networks and several ways of representing them using graphs, Boolean matrices, or binary relations, and focuses on three dynamical properties of dis junctive networks: their image points, their periodic points, and their fixed points.

On the impact of treewidth in the computational complexity of freezing dynamics

This paper establishes how treewidth and maximum degree of the underlying graph are key parameters which influence the overall computational complexity of finite freezing automata networks and establishes the hardness result with a fixed set-defiend update rule that is universally hard on any input graph of such families.

Cold Dynamics in Cellular Automata: a Tutorial

This tutorial shows how the richness and complexity of the model of cellular automata are preserved under such strong constraints as zero Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy, stabilization of all orbits, trivial asymptotic dynamics, or similar properties.

Beyond the Horizon of Computability: 16th Conference on Computability in Europe, CiE 2020, Fisciano, Italy, June 29–July 3, 2020, Proceedings

Read Mapping Through Hardware/Software Co-design Through hardware/ software co-design is explored through hardware-based and software-based approaches.

Expansive Automata Networks



Boolean Monomial Dynamical Systems

Abstract.An important problem in the theory of finite dynamical systems is to link the structure of a system with its dynamics. This paper contains such a link for a family of nonlinear systems over

The Dynamics of Conjunctive and Disjunctive Boolean Network Models

A sharp lower bound and an upper bound on the number of limit cycles of a given length are provided, in terms of properties of the partially ordered set of strongly connected components.

Maximum Number of Fixed Points in Regulatory Boolean Networks

  • J. Aracena
  • Mathematics
    Bulletin of mathematical biology
  • 2008
An upper bound for the number of fixed points in a particular class of BNs called regulatory Boolean networks is exhibited in terms of minimum cardinality of a set of vertices meeting all positive cycles of the network, which can be applied in the design of genetic regulatory networks.

Sequential operator for filtering cycles in Boolean networks

Discrete iterations - a metric study

  • F. Robert
  • Mathematics
    Springer series in computational mathematics
  • 1986

Digraphs - theory, algorithms and applications

Digraphs is an essential, comprehensive reference for undergraduate and graduate students, and researchers in mathematics, operations research and computer science, and it will also prove invaluable to specialists in related areas, such as meteorology, physics and computational biology.

Iterative behaviour of generalized majority functions

A combinatorial analogue of the Jacobian problem in automata networks